domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

Han colocado mi crónica del concierto de UFO en la sala Arena en la web oficial del grupo

The rock on a pedestal 
Half an hour later, at a quarter past nine in the evening, stepped on the stage of the legendary UFO Caracol room, led by its fireproof vocalist Phil Mogg, worried all evening to please the hundreds of fans that come with the band where they touch. "Lights out" was the theme manager to open the case of the musical essences, followed "Mother Mary", "Fight Night" and "Wonderland", the latter two rescued from his latest album to date, entitled " Seven Deadly ". The guitarist Vinnie Moore, which changed several times as an instrument, would make us share his particular taste for Spanish music and sounded a theme in your mobile Flemish recorded by Mogg microphone.

Trivia aside, did not miss his appointment required topics "Let it roll" song that Steve Harris himself reiterated his particular liking for their fellow concert in Madrid, "Only You Can Rock Me", the mellow and loaded sentiment "Love to Love", "Too Hot to Handel" or "Rock Bottom", with which put an end to an immaculate performance in which no lack of instrumental delights
Guitarist Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond, the guitars and keyboard, Andy Parker on drums, and Rob De Luca, on bass, that did not stop delight with their poses and good work on stage that parting thereby achieving its predecessor and founder, Pete Way. A minute later the five musicians returned to the stage to delight us with an exquisite interpretation of their biggest hit "Doctor Doctor", a song that the audience sang deliriously finally, ten minutes later, with the brilliance of "Shoot Shoot".

A performance that not only did fans of UFO but rock music.

Pinchando aquí la podéis leer en la página original.

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