martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Mis poemas llegan a Londres

Poemas publicados en Londongrip, un sitio totalmente independiente, ómnibus cultural que proporciona comentarios inteligentes de espectáculos y eventos actuales, artículos bien argumentados sobre la más amplia gama de temas; un espacio de exhibición para las artes cross-media y una revista de poesía editada, entre otros, por el prestigioso Michael Bartholomew-Biggs. La traducción es obra de Gillian Wolfe, traductor en la ONU.

So much on my own (Y yo tan solo)

As earnest as a child or drunkard,
teasing/tantalising as an artist’s muse,
flat and sterile as pressed flowers,
uncommon as an office kiss.

Absurd as banners celebrating bullets,
bland as lips made out of marble,
blighted as the autumn’s cast-off leaves,
elusive as the scents of spring.

Impersonal as orders from dictators,
misplaced as I love you in a telegram,
confused as death reflected  in a mirror.

Edgy as my allergies near flower beds,
empty as my daily paper with no crossword ….
and as alone as I am with you so far away. 

If you were here (Si Tu Estuvieras Aquí)

If you were here
the spinning world would overtake my loneliness
and Love would cease to be a wingless bird
I have to teach to fly again each day.

If you were here
my dreams of you would sleep beside you;
desire would break the bricked-up window
overlooking kisses that I owe you.

My futures would not be imperfect pasts
and my lips, unfaithful through your absence
would learn once more to say “I need you”.

If I’d not met you,
how fruitless would my life have been
how barren would my soul have stayed?

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